Waiver Enrollment--How to Start Enrollment in Medicaid Waiver Services

DODD administers four waivers in Ohio:

  • The Individual Options (IO) waiver
  • The Level One (L1) waiver
  • The Self Empowered Life Funding (SELF) waiver.
  • The Transitions/Developmental Disabilities waiver (TDD)

The Eligibility Unit, in the Division of Medicaid Administration and Development, processes all waiver applications and determines the Level of Care. Staff at each County Board of DD completes assessment packets for all persons applying for enrollment on any DODD waiver. The Eligibility Unit reviews the information submitted, and makes a determination as to the individual's eligibility to receive waiver services. All waivers administered by DODD require an annual renewal process for continued waiver services. Each individual enrolled must meet Medicaid eligibility requirements every month, and must have their Level of Care renewed annually.


All documents should be typed and either faxed to 614-644-0501 or emailed to MDA.DOC@dodd.ohio.gov.