The Retained Applicant Fingerprint Background Check (Rapback) provides additional safeguards against allowing convicted criminals to remain in positions of trust. While background checks only provide a snapshot of a person's criminal history at a specific moment in time, Rapback provides notifications of subsequent criminal activity. For enrolled individuals, BCI stores fingerprints captured as part of the employment screening processes in a separate Retained Applicant Fingerprint Database. These prints are searched against all new criminal prints, and prints submitted to BCI as part of a court disposition process. When a match is found, BCI provides rap sheet information back ("rap-back") to the enrolling agency, who can then determine the individual's eligibility for continued employment. When you use Rapback, you do not need to conduct five year re-checks for employees who are enrolled in Rapback – Rapback essentially does re-checks on an ongoing basis. Visit the Ohio Attorney General's website for more information about Rapback, and to view Rapback user manuals. For Rapback questions, please call BCI at 877-224-0043.


The annual cost for Rapback is $5 per person that you enroll. You will be billed at enrollment and on the anniversary date – there is no credit given for disenrollment. Invoices are sent monthly, and will be combined with your Webcheck invoice if you are a current Webcheck Customer. There is no application fee, or fee to have a Rapback account.

Please note: Rapback does not replace the pre-employment criminal records check. R. C. 5123.018 requires that an individual under final consideration for employment with a County Board or a direct service position with a provider or subcontractor undergo a criminal records check by BCI.