Enrolling in Rapback

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You can enroll in the Retained Applicant Fingerprint Background Check (Rapback) program online. Go to the online enrollment page and click on "Register" at the top of the screen. The online enrollment form will appear. You will need to complete each section of the form – note that required fields are marked with a red asterisk. *

Section One – Customer Information

    1. Enter the name of your agency exactly as it appears in MITS.
    2. Enter your address exactly as it appears in MITS. 
    3. Indicate if you are a current Webcheck Customer—this means if your agency has a Webcheck machine.  If you answer yes, enter your Webcheck customer account number or agency code. 
    4. Enter your tax identification number.
    5. At the box for Service Provider, select "Medicaid Provider"
    6. Enter your Medicaid Provider Number exactly as it appears in MITS. Note: This is not your DODD number.
    7. In the Describe Organization and Business Need, type in this description: "We are an agency provider required by DODD to Rapback our employees in direct care positions."
    • Tip: For your Rapback application to be accepted, the name, address and Medicaid number you enter in the application must match what is listed in MITS, even if it is outdated. Agencies received an email providing the exact agency name, Medicaid number, and address as they appear in MITS. If you did not receive this email, please call 800-617-6733 and select option 5.

Section Two –Customer's Overall Administrator

Each customer in Rapback is required to have an administrator for their account, known as the Overall Administrator. The Overall Administrator can create usernames and assign others within the agency to enroll employees into Rapback. 

Enter the information for the Overall Administrator, including name, title, and contact information.

Section Three – Billing Contact and Address

Each customer must complete who will receive the invoices for employees enrolled in Rapback. Enter the information for the billing contact, including name, title, and contact information.

    • Tip: If the street address of the billing contact is different that the address listed under Customer Enrollment, you must enter an address for the billing contact. If the billing contact's address is the same as the address you provided for your agency, check the box marked "Same Address as Customer." 

Section Four - Email Address

Enter the email address for the additional employees to receive invoice notices, and the email addresses for the employees you want to receive notices when a fingerprint match is found.

    • Tip: At least one email address must be entered under the Emails for Fingerprint Notices section when you submit your application. You can add other email addresses after BCI accepts your application.

Section Five - Customer Agreement

Read the Customer Agreement and check the first box to certify that you have authority to bind your agency to the terms of the agreement, and check the second box to agree to all of the terms and conditions. 

    • Tip: The customer agreement must be scrolled to the bottom before the check boxes are enabled to proceed. Also, the overall administrator must renew this agreement every year. If not renewed within 30 days, Rapback functions are limited.

Section Six - Submit

Review the information you've entered to verify that it's correct, and click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.