Data Warehouse

The DODD Data Warehouse offers easy access to useful reports and data for county boards of developmental disabilities, providers, and DODD staff. It contains data from many sources, including general demographic information about people who access developmental disabilities services, reimbursement claims for services provided, and Major Unusual Incidents (MUIs) reported. Users can run pre-made reports or build their own custom queries.

Requesting  Access

To learn more about how to request access to the Data Warehouse, training dates, and how to stay informed, visit the Getting Started page.


Visit our Resources page for data dictionaries, standard report books, training guides, and security affidavits.

Have a question? Search our FAQs page. If your question is not posted, log in to the Data Warehouse Homepage to post one.

Recorded webinars on Data Warehouse topics are available here. They cover a variety of topics, from a one-hour 'Tour of Query Studio,' to filtering and scheduling reports. PowerPoints used during the recorded webinars are available in the Webinar PowerPoints folder.

Note – The Date Warehouse FAQ's are on a separate Google site at: FAQs