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The DODD Data Warehouse offers easy access to useful reports and data for County Boards of Developmental Disabilities, providers, and DODD staff.  It contains data from many sources, including individuals' information, claims, Major Unusual Incidents (MUIs) and other sources.  You can run pre-made reports or build your own custom queries.

Requesting Access
​Step 1
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​Step 3
​Get Access
If you need access to the DODD data warehouse and do not see it in your Application drop-down, or do not have all of the access that you need, please contact your local county approver.

If you have questions, please email Security Support
Attend Training
We have in-person training, self-guided training modules and recorded webinars, so pick your learning style and go!

Stay Informed
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Visit the searchable forum to read Frequently Asked Questions or ask your own.

​The DODD Data, Analytics and Research department will be holding a series of upcoming in-person data warehouse training classes.

The training classes will be for people who have not attended an in-person data warehouse training before. No more than 2 people per county or COG (unless the class is not filled and we make an announcement).

Training classes will introduce the available subject areas, show you how to run standard reports, export them to Excel/PDF and schedule reports. 

The training classes will be held on the corresponding dates and locations:

May 18th, 2018: State Library of Ohio (274 E. First Avenue, Ohio 43201)

  • 9:00 am-11:30 am
August 10th, 2018: State Library of Ohio (274 E. First Avenue, Ohio 43201)

  • 9:00 am-11:30 am
November 16th, 2018: State Library of Ohio (274 E. First Avenue, Ohio 43201)

  • 9:00 am-11:30 am
Use the link provided to register for any of the training classes: Sign-Up

Before you register for an in-person training, you must successfully complete the first two self-guided training modules.  This tells us that you have all of the access that you need and can run simple reports.  

Please be advised, the in-person training will cover a variety of topics but will not be covering MUI training, so you don't need to complete the self-guided training #3 - Running ITS Reports in the Data Warehouse 

Self-guided DODD Data Warehouse training modules are hands-on, teach you the basics and are available whenever you need them.  We currently have three of these training modules available.

These training modules will NOT work for providers. 

Providers have different folders and reports than other users. Providers should see the "Reports for Providers" section below this section.

Questions or Problems with the new self-guided training modules?  

Use this link to contact us via email.

Self-Guided Training #1
Self-Guided Training #2
Self-Guided Training #3
Logging into the Data Warehouse
Running your First Reports
Running ITS Reports
​This tutorial covers:
  • Getting access and logging in
  • An introduction 

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​This tutorial covers:
  • How to run a standard report
  • How to open a report in Excel
  • Common problems and solutions
  • Other support resources

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This tutorial covers:
  • Where to find the ITS reports
  • Which reports are the same as CRN, slightly modified, or new
  • Formats of MUI Annual Review and MUI Analysis Reports
  • How Data Warehouse data is the same as, or different than, CRN

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​CB Data
​Data Dictionaries
​Data Integrity Initiative
​Fact Sheets
​Library o Board Reports
​Report Books
​Reports for Providers
​Training Guides
​Waiting List Clean-up
​Webinar PowerPoints

Reports For Providers

Financial Reports

MUI/Incident Tracking System Reports

​Data Warehouse Playlist

​Excel Tutorials

Recorded Webinars

​Data Refresh Schedule
Go here for database update calendar System Status and Last Update

Wondering if your data is current?  Use this calendar to find out when each of the data warehouse's data packages was last updated.

The *Daily Data List includes the packages that update every night. 
  • Individual Daily Summary
  • PAWS
  • Waiting List to Waiver
  • DDP Effective Dates
  • Incident Tracking System

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