Preliminary Implementation Component Tool (PICT)

The Preliminary Implementation Component Tool (PICT) planning process allows counties to request waiver capacity and assign it to individuals in their county, allowing the waiver enrollment process to begin. The PICT planning process is part of the larger Waiver Management System (WMS) application.

PICT requests: PICT requests for allocations are due to DODD two weeks before the end of the calendar quarter. DODD will work to obtain approvals for waiver capacity request as close to the first day of the calendar quarter whenever possible.

Replacement, Emergency requests: Requests for replacement and emergency capacity are now available for both the Level One and Individual Options (IO) waivers. These requests are handled on an ongoing basis. Please use the forms shown at the bottom of this page to make the request. Please also update your PICT queue to reflect any requests for emergency or replacement capacity.

Important additional information related to PICT :

All names submitted for emergency or replacement capacity must be included in the county's PICT plan. The DODD Waiver Unit will be checking the PICT against submitted enrollment packets with increased scrutiny. Any individuals substituted from the original PICT allocation approval must be submitted to the Waiver Unit Managers via email prior to enrollment packets being submitted. Managers will halt the enrollment process and contact the County Board Superintendent/Business Manager if a name is not indicated on the PICT.

Enrollment packets must reflect individuals on the county PICT submission in order to be finalized. Substitutions are not permitted for any emergency or replacement capacity allocations. A new request for reserve capacity should be made if a different individual will be enrolled with reserve capacity. The names of individuals submitted for Emergency capacity requests should be the first person(s) on your PICT queue.

Waiver Allocation Overview:  Waiver Allocation Overview 

Annual PICT Projection Tool:  PICT PROJECTION TOOL

The PICT User Guide has been created to provide step-by-step instructions to counties so they can complete a PICT queue of waiver requests. The PICT planning process allows counties to request waiver capacity and assign it to individuals in their county, thus beginning the waiver enrollment process. 

Reserve Waiver Capacity Forms and Information:

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Emergency Capacity Instructions

Emergency Capacity Request Form

Replacement Capacity Instructions

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