Assessment Tools

Two assessment tools used to help determine the level of service covered by a waiver are the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Profile (ODDP) and the Acuity Assessment Instrument (AAI).

Ohio Developmental Disabilities Profile (ODDP)

The Ohio Developmental Disabilities Profile (ODDP) is a standardized instrument used to assess the relative needs and circumstances of an individual compared to others.  It scores the responses for an individual to link the individual to a funding range, which enables similarly situated individual to access comparable services under the waiver on a statewide basis.  It is not a comprehensive functional assessment.

The ODDP must be completed for every individual enrolled on an individual options (I/O) waiver.  The ODDP can only be completed by a person who has been trained and authorized by DODD.  The service and support administrator (SSA) must ensure the accuracy of the ODDP.

The ODDP will be revised when significant changes in an individual's life circumstances occur, such as:

  • Changes in living arrangement
  • New diagnosis or maintenance medication
  • Change in health status/severity
  • Change in level of independence
  • Change in natural supports or voluntary care-giving

ODDP Resources:

Acuity Assessment Instrument (AAI)

The Acuity Assessment Instrument (AAI) is the standardized instrument used by Ohio to assesse the relative needs and circumstances of an individual compared to other adults in a non-residential setting when receiving Adult Day Array Services.  The assessment questions measures the amount of staff time required to assist individuals with personal needs and day activities. The score is used to assign the staff intensity ratio at which the services are to be provided and assign costs.

All individuals who receive or seek to receive any of the HCBS-funded Adult Day Waiver Services need to have this assessment completed.   Individuals who are not receiving HCBS-funded day services but receive day services along with waiver funded individuals also may complete the assessment to ensure that the staff intensity ratios for the waiver individuals are maintained.

AAI Resources: