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Apr 19
Pipeline Weekly (April 18, 2018)

DODD Newsletter

April 18, 2018

NCI Interviewers Share Benefits of Job

The National Core Indicators survey project is important in understanding the overall quality of public developmental disabilities agencies. Watch Annee, Rosie, and Joy from the Cincinnati area explain their roles as NCI interviewers who talk face-to-face with Ohioans with disabilities.


Ohio State University Nisonger Center is looking for family members of people with developmental disabilities interested in becoming interviewers. Learn more about this unique job.

This Week @ DODD

Outcome Tracking Data

DODD is extending the timeline to enter and update Employment First Outcome Tracking System data to May 31. This will ensure data is current and correct. Read more.

Ohio Shared Living Now in 88 Counties. Find Out Why.

Try In-Demand Jobs Week Events Near You

Seven Elements of a PCP

DODD just had the final in-person Person-Centered Planning: Moving Beyond the Template training. Thank you for participating! Continue learning at the Seven Essential Elements page.

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Apr 18
DODD's 2019 Ohio Shared Living Calender

The theme for DODD's 2019 calendar is Ohio Shared Living (OSL), and we need your help to make it happen!


Thanks to your participation last year, DODD was able to put together a 16-month Employment First calendar that can be seen in homes, offices, and county boards across the state. The calendar featured pictures employees and employers in Ohio sharing what their job meant to them. 


This year, we are seeking photos of people accessing the Ohio Shared Living program in your area. We would also like a quote from the person recieving OSL, or the provider, about what Ohio Shared Living means to them.


Please use the DODD photo consent to take photos of those willing to help highlight Ohio Shared Living. Photos submitted without the photo consent will not be considered for use in the calendar.


Photos must be in landscape orientation and high resolution. (If taken with a camera phone, please send the "actual size" image.)


Submit photos and consent forms by emailing Photo submissions will be accepted throughout the year.

Apr 16
Memo Monday (April 16, 2018)

No Memos This Week!

Check back next Monday for guidance memos and information from the department.


Have a nice week!

Apr 13
Early Intervention (April 13, 2018)

April 13, 2018

Program Updates 1809

We have many exciting training opportunities detailed in this Program Updates. If you haven’t done so already, we also encourage you to check out the recently revamped Professional Development and Training tile of the EI website.


I always invite your feedback. Do not hesitate to contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.


Program Updates #1809 are available through the link below.



Nathan DeDino  

Read More

Interested in EI? Check out Family Connection and Pipeline Weekly.

Apr 11
Health and Welfare: Preventing Choking
Apr 11
Health & Welfare: Preventing Choking

April 11, 2018

Preventing Choking #18-4-18

This alert provides critical information to caregivers of people with developmental disabilities about what actions to take if someone is choking.


Watch Tina Brown, a direct service provider from Preble County, describe how she successfully intervened when someone she serves was choking.

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Required Reading

In addition to required annual training to identify and report Major Unusual Incidents (MUIs) and Unusual Incidents (UIs), all developmental disabilities employees are required by Ohio Administrative Code 5123:2-17-02 to review Health and Welfare Alerts released by the department. This training includes the review of any Health and Welfare Alerts released since the previous calendar year’s training. Please contact the MUI Registry Unit at 614.995.3810 with any questions.  

Apr 11
Pipeline Weekly (April 11, 2018)

DODD Newsletter

April 11, 2018

Initiative to Reward DSP Dedication, Training

At this year's spring Ohio Provider Resource Association conference, Director John Martin outlined an upcoming rate increase aimed at supporting the work of the state's direct service providers. Watch here.

This Week @ DODD

Alert: Preventing Choking

April's Health and Welfare Alert focuses on what actions to take if someone is choking. Watch a direct service provider tell her story about how she successfully intervened.

Nominate an Advocate for APSI's Annual Award

Explore Supportive Devices at the TechSummit June 15

One-Stop Shop for Training

Have you seen DODD's Web-Based Training Catalog? Find all online training available from DODD in one place: recorded webinars, online courses, and more!

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Apr 09
Memo Monday (April 9, 2018)

Updated: Filing Cost Report Guidance

Attention: ICFs

This FAQ contains updated guidance on Attachment 9 for intermediate care facilities' filing cost reports.

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Reminder: ODDP, IAF Facility Cert Due Date

Attention: ICFs

DODD would like to remind intermediate care facility providers that Individual Assessment Form (IAF) and Ohio Developmental Disability Profile (ODDP) certifications for the March 31, 2018, reporting period end date (RPED) are due on April 15, 2018, to avoid a penalty. 

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Apr 06
Reminder: ODDP, IAF Facility Certification Due Date

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities would like to remind intermediate care facility providers that Individual Assessment Form (IAF) and Ohio Developmental Disability Profile (ODDP) certifications for the March 31, 2018, reporting period end date (RPED) are due on April 15, 2018, to avoid a penalty.

Providers may finalize any corrections through the grace period which ends May 15, 2018. Please remember that Significant Change of Condition (SCOC) requests for the ODDP should be submitted within 15 days of the significant change.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Ashley McKinney at 614-644-7596 or

Apr 04
Pipeline Weekly (April 4, 2018)

DODD Newsletter

April 4, 2018

A Message from the Director

On March 30, the Court handling Disability Rights Ohio's lawsuit against the Department issued a decision on DRO’s motion for class certification. We are pleased that the Court recognized the need to significantly narrow DRO’s proposed class.


To provide a bit of context for those of you who may not have been following this case closely, DRO filed a complaint in 2016, relying on attorneys from three different out-of-state law firms. This filing occurred after the governor and the legislature, focused on enhancing community-based services, invested over $300 million in the DD system. This investment was the largest infusion of new money the Department has ever received. 


As time has gone on, the scope of this case has become much smaller. When DRO filed the lawsuit in March 2016, they said it represented 27,800 Ohioans. By August 2016, when it first moved for a class, it said it represented 11,500 Ohioans. In October 2017, DRO again reduced its figure, saying it represented “hundreds if not thousands.” The Court, in its class decision, has now narrowed this already smaller class even further.


Since the case was filed, other stakeholders with diverse viewpoints, such as the Ohio Association of County Boards and families and guardians of people with developmental disabilities, have also asked to become involved. The Court, over DRO’s objections, has allowed these voices to join the case. The recent class decision further reflects the many competing interests at stake in this complex field. The Department is already serving people both inside and outside the certified class, and it will continue to do so — balancing everyone’s different needs and preferences. We anticipate DRO will continue to pursue this expensive, time-consuming litigation. But we will continue to defend our system, which is constantly being improved through our many stakeholders’ collaborative efforts.


John Martin


This Week @ DODD

Why Employers Hire People with Disabilities: VIDEO

What's PDGS? Ask DODD about it Next Wednesday

Tutorials: Provider Services Management Application

Still getting used to the Provider Services Management app? Watch these tutorials on DODD's YouTube channel to refresh your skills.

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