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Mar 23
Live Chat and Training Opportunities for ICF Providers

Live Chat and Training Opportunities

for ICF Providers

Your Questions, Answered

Ann Weisent of DODD's Office of Provider Standards and Review (OPSR) will lead a Live Chat on April 19 from 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm to take your questions on the Transition of the ICF Licensure Reviews to ODH. Click below to register and choose the session from the drop down menu.

 Person-Centered Practices 102

DODD is offering Person-Centered Practices 102, the follow up to Person-Centered Practices 101, offered by DODD and facilitated by Delmarva regionally across Ohio. Next session is April 3 in Urbana. See more locations and dates below.

Mar 22
Pipeline Weekly March/22/2017 (Budget Update: Families, Advocacy Groups Show Support in Testimony, On-Demand Board Member Training, How WIOA Affects Adult Subminimum Wage Earners, Early Intervention Launches New Websit)

DODD Newsletter                                                                  March 22, 2017

Budget Update: Families, Advocacy Groups Show Support in Testimony

Many family members of people with developmental disabilities and advocacy groups testified March 15 before the House Finance Subcommittee on Health and Human Services, giving special attention to the budget's proposal to increase waiver reimbursement to cover complex care needs.

Read More

On-Demand Board Member Training 

In its effort to make board member training easier and more accessible, the Department of Developmental Disabilities has nine webinars available to CBDD board members that meet required in-service training hours. 

Read More

How WIOA Affects Adult Subminimum Wage Earners

Kristen Helling from Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities discusses Section 511 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and how it relates to adults who were paid subminimum wages before the section's effective date last year.

Watch Video

Early Intervention Launches New Website 

Early Intervention, the state program previously known as Help Me Grow that supports infants and toddlers, has moved over to the Department of Developmental Disabilities -- and has a new website. Check out family and provider resources that can help navigate the program.

Visit Website

This Week @ DODD

  Training & Tools                        Health & Welfare

SSA Training Taking Off

More than a hundred people have enrolled so far in the required training for new Service and Support Administrators (SSAs), and dozens have completed all training modules to earn their certificates. See this training opportunity and others at

Trauma-Informed Care Summit

This spring, the Ohio departments of Mental Health and Addiction Services and Developmental Disabilities will present a two-day event in Columbus centered around recognizing trauma as a public health concern and its impact on people.

  HCBS Updates                          Employment First

Adult Day Support Updates

Last week, the Department of Developmental Disabilities shared updates and reminders about adult day waiver services and changes in effect April 1, 2017. Learn more about group employment supports, daily billing rates, and budget authorizations. 

Using Disability Benefits 101

Disability Benefits 101 is a website of online tools and information about health coverage, employment and benefits. Job seekers with a disability or service providers can use the different calculators to gauge how a job may affect a person's benefits.

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Mar 20
Families, Advocacy Groups Testify in Support of DODD Budget

Many family members of people with developmental disabilities and advocacy groups testified March 15 before the House Finance Subcommittee on Health and Human Services, supporting the Executive Budget's funding initiatives for the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD).

Some shared stories about the complexity of their children's daily routines and how necessary it is for dedicated, hardworking care staff to help deliver those services. Three mothers expressed their support for the budget's proposal to increase waiver reimbursement to cover complex care needs.

Filomena Nelson, of West Chester, explained her son Gregory, 23, uses a power wheelchair and speech device that uses such a sophisticated language program that his college Wright State offered him a foreign language credit during his admissions process.

"In order for Gregory to be successful on campus, he needs an aide or several aides who are tech-savvy," she said, noting the training necessary for her son's care provider, like being able to connect his laptop, phone and speech device via Bluetooth so he can submit class assignments.

"We feel really strongly that in order for us to attract and retain people who are tech-savvy enough, who are willing to shower [Gregory], they really do need to be incentivized with some kind of a rate increase."

Amy Clawson, from Walton Hills, said she supports the complex care add-on because a person dependent in all areas of daily living, such as her son with cerebral palsy, "requires a workforce that is stable. They need to be well-trained. They need to meet [an individual's] everyday, every moment need and maximize their quality of life."

Clawson spoke about her 20-year-old son Tim's love for watching football and knowing statistics of the game.

"He brings great joy to our lives and the lives of those around him. We are extremely grateful for his Individual Options waiver. It allows him to live where he wants to and how he wants to," she said. "I worry that without commensurate pay for his complexities, as we age, we will no longer be able to care for him or give him the freedoms and quality of life he's used to having. … The complex care rate increase would be very beneficial to him."

"Individuals like my son who are living longer, they need a more stable workforce and incentivized opportunities to serve his complex needs."

Francine Ris, a Cincinnati mother, explained her 28-year-old daughter Amanda's complex morning schedule, which includes a provider administering her medication, helping with a feeding tube and programming her communication device.

"There is a lot of skill and knowledge that go into supporting someone with complex needs. The quality of life for someone with severe cerebral palsy like Amanda will inevitably be affected by the quality of care," she said.

"The need for more skills, education, and experience from the providers is paramount. Turnover is harmful. It's a difficult job. So to ensure hiring these individuals and retaining these individuals to support this population is the reason I am asking you to support the complex care add-on."

Advocacy Groups Weigh In

Gary Tonks, CEO of The of Arc Ohio, told legislators this budget "gives hope" to those on waitlists for waiver services. He also noted the difficulty in finding providers, commending the complex care need add-on which his organization had recommended.

"The budget also recognizes that in order to keep our seasoned and best trained staff, we must provide a financial incentive," Tonks said about the proposed care staff wage increase.

"While our staff are dedicated and salt of the earth people, they too must keep the lights on in their own homes and feed their own families. This budget provides a modest incentive for those direct support staff who voluntarily pursue additional training, which we hope will decrease turnover."

Mark Davis, president of the Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA), said his member association is in full support of the funding initiatives in the budget.

"Unique in its approach, this limited collection of funding initiatives targets specific areas of urgent need in Ohio's developmental disabilities system," Davis said. "Governor [John] Kasich and DODD Director John Martin are to be credited for creating a balanced funding package that identifies critical, specific gaps in our home and community-based service residential system and attaches resources" to address them.

Mar 17
EI Program Updates 1706

Attached are EI Program Updates #1706 + SFY18 SC grant information + training flyers. 

We still have a number of open spots for Dr. Jung's course (see flyer accompanying this e-mail).  We highly encourage you to consider taking part in this skill-building and enhancing course facilitated by a national expert in early childhood special education.

You may need to cut and paste the hyperlinks in your browser window.  Occasionally, the hyperlinks do not work in the PDF conversion.


Mar 17
Adult Day Waiver Service Authorizations

Adult Day Waiver Service Authorization NOTICE

To:       Superintendents, SSA Directors, COG Directors, Adult Day Waiver Providers

From:   Lori Horvath

Date:    March 17, 2017  

Subject: Adult Day Waiver Service Authorizations

Our notice regarding the Adult Day Waiver Service Authorizations is in the link below. 

For full details please click to open notice


Mar 15
Pipeline Weekly 3/15/2017 (Director to Host Facebook Live Chat with Families, Hundreds Join at Statehouse for DD Awareness and Advocacy Day, Transformation Series: Building Innovative Service Models, ICF Reimbursement Presentation Outlines Budget Proposal

DODD Newsletter                                                                 March 15, 2017

Director to Host Facebook Live Chat with Families

Director John Martin is asking families to join him 12:15 PM Thursday, March 16, for a Facebook live chat, where he will review the department's budget initiatives and take questions. Participants can text questions to (614)-636-2207 and the director will answer them live.

More Info

Hundreds Join at Statehouse for DD Awareness and Advocacy Day

The annual Developmental Disability Awareness and Advocacy Day brought people with disabilities, direct care staff and advocates to the Ohio Statehouse to talk to their legislators, with a surprise visit by Gov. John Kasich.

Read More & Watch Videos

Transformation Series: Building Innovative Service Models 

Provider agencies working to bolster person-centered planning and employment options for the Ohioans they serve have a new opportunity to exchange ideas and promising practices during the 2017 Transformation Series. This two-part series includes agency site visits and an interactive one-day summit.

Read More

ICF Reimbursement Presentation Outlines Budget Proposals

As required by the FY16-17 budget, DODD contracted with Public Consulting Group (PCG)  to make recommendations to modernize the current Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) reimbursement methodology, which is more than 20 years old. Coy Jones of PCG discusses the analyses that led to the recommendations proposed in the upcoming state budget and details implementation time frame.

Watch Coy Jones

This Week @ DODD

  Training & Tools                        Health & Welfare

MUI Rule Training for DSPs

Direct service professionals can sign up for this one-hour review of the Major Unusual Incidents (MUI) Rule, reporting requirements and frequently asked questions. The March 23 webinar can count toward continuing professional development and other annual MUI training requirements.

Training Webinars Set for New Acuity Tool Training

Starting in July, the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Profile (ODDP) will replace the Individual Assessment Form used to assess Intermediate Care Facilities residents. DODD is hosting several webinars to review the new instrument.

  HCBS Updates                          Employment First

Save the Date: Career Planning

Modifications to Ohio Home and Community Based Services, Adult Day and Employment Services will take effect April 1, 2017, targeted toward supporting employment and community engagement for people accessing developmental disability services. Hear more from Tom Hess and members of the Medicaid and billing teams during our March Brown Bag Thursday!

Instagram Celebrates 5 Years of Employment First Initiative

More than 50 people have sent us photos celebrating five years of Employment First by sharing what their job means to them! See who we’ve featured so far in our daily Instagram posts. Get involved by posting your own photo to social media, using #MyEmploymentFirst, or by sending your picture to us.

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Mar 15
Hundreds Join at Statehouse for DD Awareness and Advocacy Day

Hundreds of people visited the Ohio Statehouse March 8 for the annual Developmental Disability Advocacy and Awareness Day, a time for people with developmental disabilities, family members, providers and advocates to discuss policy issues with their legislators and hear speakers address the DD community.

This year's theme "Side by Side" celebrated "people with and without disabilities working, going to school, playing and participating in their communities together." Shari Cooper, public relations assistant for Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley in the Dayton area, emceed the event, introducing speakers and giving some context to the day's theme.

"If you think about that, that's all people want with disabilities: We want to be side by side with everybody, heart to heart with everybody, and hand in hand," Cooper said. "We may need a few accommodations along the way, but we just want equal rights."

John Martin, director of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD), gave an explanation of some key initiatives for the agency included in the proposed state budget, such as increased wages for direct care staff, and the addition of approximately 1,300 more new state-funded waivers.

"One of the things we have in this budget is increased money for the staff who work with folks in our system who have really complex needs," Martin said. "In addition, we want to make this field a career for folks, and so we also have some additional funds for folks who've been in the field for a couple of years and are interested in getting some additional training."

Martin also mentioned, "We have enough waivers in this budget that would provide services to people that don't have it. So, if you look around this room, it would provide a service to twice as many people who are in this room."


Kasich Makes Surprise Appearance

Gov. John Kasich made a surprise visit to the packed Atrium of the Statehouse, commending Martin's work as director and all those in the crowd for exhibiting their skills.

"I think this has been a community that too often has been ignored. You have been our highest priority over the last few years, and you'll remain of a high priority," Kasich said.

"We are beginning to understand, just beginning to scratch the surface of the amazing, hidden skills," he said of people with developmental disabilities. "… You bring about a certain light that no one else can shine, and at the same time, you've changed families and loved ones to have an appreciation of life and to be able to reach out to other people and to make a difference in their lives. That's just changing the world."

Other speakers included Bill Darling, director at Assistive Technology of Ohio, who demonstrated assistive technologies for people with developmental disabilities, like a device named "Reminder Rosie" that serves as a task reminder, and a keyboard that can project onto a surface to help with typing on smartphones.

Stephanie Barber-Maynard, employment and training services director at Creative Connections, shared different employment success stories as well as her own, while Blues guitarist Zayne Harshaw gave a musical performance of several songs, including Adele's "Hello."

Some attendees also took part in DODD's photo campaign highlighting the value of integrated employment and job training through Employment First. People shared in words or images what their job means to them as part of the department's #MyEmploymentFirst campaign.20170307220341_IMG_9863.JPG

Mar 14
ICF Reimbursement Training Materials, Recording Available
As required by the FY16-17 budget, DODD contracted with a reimbursement expert (Public Consulting Group or PCG) to make recommendations to modernize the current methodology which is over 20 years old.  Coy Jones of PCG will present analyses conducted which led to the recommendations proposed in the budget and also detail timeframes for implementation. 

DODD's first training on March 7, 2017 in Columbus is available to watch here, and the PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded here.
Mar 13
Family Connections March/13/2017 (Director Martin Invites Families to Join Him This Week for a Live Chat on Facebook)

Special Announcement for Families                                            March 13, 2017

Director Martin Invites Families to Join Him This Week For a Live Chat on Facebook

John Martin, Director of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, is inviting families to take part in a live chat on Facebook where he will review the department's budget initiatives and then take questions. 

No registration needed, simply- 

Click to join our live stream on Facebook,
this Thursday, March 16,
from 12:15 to 12:45 PM

Text your questions to 614-636-2207 anytime before or during the live chat! 

The director will talk about department budget initiatives for the first 10 minutes or so, then he will take questions 
from your text messages. 

Major budget initiatives include:

  • adding almost 1,300 new home and community-based service waivers
  • incentivizing providers to serve people with complex needs
  • modernizing the reimbursement system for Intermediate Care Facilities
  • increasing wages for direct support staff based on training and longevity
  • and expanding the use of technology with remote monitoring. 
    Read more about the budget

We're looking forward to talking with you! 

Mar 10
Health and Welfare Alert: Preventing and Reporting Abuse
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