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Feb 10
MITS Cost Reporting Information

Action Required:

MITS Cost Reporting Information

Good afternoon,

 As you are aware, effective 1/1/2017 OAC 5123:2-7-12 was revised to require that all cost reports be submitted through the Ohio Department of Medicaid's Medicaid Information Technology System (MITS).  In order to assist providers with this transition Medicaid has posted an initial webinar reviewing the process for registering for the MITS system and assigning roles as needed for cost report submission.   The webinar may be found in the link provided below titled, "New Cost Report Webinar training for the MITS portal."  Please be aware that this is a large file which may load slowly.  Please be sure to begin the process of assigning roles for your providers as soon as possible, so you are well prepared for the submission of your Medicaid year-end cost reports which is quickly approaching.  A second webinar will be posted in the near future to outline the actual cost report submission process.



Ashley McKinney

ICF Operations Manager

Medicaid Development and Administration

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

30 East Broad Street, Floor #13

Columbus, Ohio 43215

Phone 614-644-7596 |


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